Thanksgiving Outdoors

thanksgving table set outdoors

Casual Seating

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and its got me thinking about table setting for the day.  We are so lucky to live in Sonoma county, a part of the world where it is possible to have thanksgiving outside. Lately it has been unusually warm here, but it cools off supply your guest with some blankets.  Also let’s keep our  fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain. This is the perfect solution for our house as the dining room is small, and only holds about eight. Moving the dinner outside in our large backyard would accommodate for more people. Below are few ideas for different ways to decorate the table, from simple, to more extravagant.



Tea lights and Rosemary

Three different outdoors thanksgiving tables.

Burgundy Tapers

Blankets Provided

Magnolia and Pillars


Sarah Preston

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