Looking to Invest in Real Estate

Not just flipping, but rejuvenating

Often we see the homes around Sonoma County that frankly look abandoned, a sad shell of their former beauty. On TV we see shows like Fixer Upper and Rehab Addict fixing up old forgotten homes, but the reality of our real estate market is very different from theirs. These derelict homes command large sums, and often cost just as large sums to fix up. The saving grace is some ways is that once redone the investment is recouped and equity has grown.

Our goal is come up with an end product that is carefully thought out and executed. We see too many homes that are quickly fixed up and lack in detail. While they may be pretty at first glance, the errors and lack of attention to detail soon appear. By focusing on homes in the higher end of the price range you can invest a larger sum of money into the rejuvenation of the home and still be able to make a profit. Homes at the lower end have a small window for making a profit. These homes are better suited for homebuyers looking to renovate a home to their tastes without the worry of turning a profit.