Buy & Design

Looking for that diamond in the rough, but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you through the buying a home and provide the vision to see that may not be first apparent.  We can work with homes that need to be completely redone, to those that merely need to those finishing touches to bring out the home’s and your personality.  Our goal is help you come up with a design plan that not fits your lifestyle, but also your budget.

Rehab & Sell

The Preston Property Group specializes in identifying properties that are potential rehabilitation projects not just flips.  Often flipped homes to do not have attention to detail, because the profit margin is to low in the area the home is located.  Locating homes in areas of Sonoma County that have the potential to a higher profit margin allows for careful rehabilitation that brings a home back to life.  A careful well thought out design plan ensures a successful rehabilitation and sale.